Blue watched Red intently.

He was across the room, in the dimly lit bar, singing. Red’s lips caressed the notes and pushed the harmony outward with careful elegance.

Blue’s eyes fell upon Red’s lips.

The fullness of them, how the light made them almost pink. Red’s pink, against his brown skin. The black upon Blue’s face became that of the object of her attention: red.

Blue glanced at Red’s hands.

His fingers held onto the microphone tightly. Red’s pink lips grazed across the top of it, his voice flowing. Slower than water, faster than molasses. Red sounded like honey. Sticky and sweet.

Blue noticed Red’s closed eyes.

His eyelashes rested against his face, full and thick. His eyes closed tighter with the big notes, softened with the small ones. Red’s eyes began to flutter until they opened, revealing eyes as brown as him.

Blue caught Red’s eye.

He sang directly to her. The bar was full of people, but it felt as though they were alone. Blue’s black skin burned bright. Red’s pink lips made way for white teeth. Blue turned away. Her heart felt like it was going to burst.

Blue saw Red’s movements.

His song ended, and he thanked the crowd. His singing voice was honey, but his speaking voice was molasses. He came down from the stage, walking towards Blue. Her black hands began to sweat.

Blue listened to Red’s words.

“I saw you when I was on stage.” Red started. Blue nodded, looking up slightly before their eyes connect and he looks down again. “The light wasn’t too bright, but now that I’m closer, I want you to know that you’re gorgeous.”

Blue felt Red’s skin.

His hand rested on top of Blue’s, brown against black. Blue finally convinced herself to look up and keep his gaze. Red eyes darted from Blue’s eyes to her lips. Blue parted them slightly to let out a shaky breath.

Blue met Red’s lips.

He leaned forward with a sudden slowness. Slower than water, Faster than molasses. Blue gave Red a honey kiss. Red’s lips were soft, and so were his hands against her face. Blue pulled back with hesitant movements. She looked at Red, who had to force his eyes open again. They held a stare that made the dark room explode with a honey gold light.

Blue and Red together make purple.