its funny how the weather changes

the wind picks you up, changing you too

sun beaming on your skin, reminiscent of the good times

you think back to smiling till your cheeks hurt, popsicles dripping onto your hands

your energy is high, the day is bright.

there you go again, caught in the wind

the rain stings as it falls on your bare skin,

fast fast fast

you want to control it, you can’t

it’s frustrating to watch happen

your eyes burn, throat tight

much like the rain, you can’t control the tears that fall

blurring the vision, ruining the day.

the wind takes you once more,

inside this time, in front of a mirror

you can see the storm, the way it darkens your spirit

these things happen, but the weather always changes

no matter the storm, no matter the severity

the wind will pick you up again and return you to the sunshine

the rain that burns your skin will turn into sunshine that glows

you are the sunshine

and when the storm passes

you will glow

3 responses to “Weather.”

  1. You are the sunshine! Your words inspire, motivate, encourage and provide hope to us all. Thanks for sharing with the Universe.

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  2. You talented Queen!!!! I absolutely love it ALL. Please keep sharing <<33

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