i know the stories about love. seen the movies, heard the songs. blessed to experience it myself. 

trust me when i say it’s all true. 

the butterflies when you see them, the ache in your cheeks from smiling, the feeling of your heart nearly bursting from gratitude, being enveloped in the overwhelming feeling of being loved in the way you deserve.

what i didn’t know is what the stories leave out. what happens after the credits roll, after the last tune. 

the feeling is reminiscent to a car accident; quick and unexpected, leaving destruction in its wake. the world comes to a screeching halt and crumbles around you. 

heartbreak started out as a foreign feeling, but became all too familiar in a matter of seconds. 

i didn’t deserve this. i don’t deserve this. did i deserve this?

i rack my brain, going back to any moment that would warrant this to come back as karma. there was nothing i could do in this lifetime that could possibly bring this back to me. 

oh, to be young and in love.

to be young and heartbroken.

i thought my heart would never beat again unless they loved me forever. 

and then… they didn’t. 

in pieces, my heart continued to beat.

through tears, i gained clarity.

though the beauty of love omits the inelegance of heartache, the stories never change. you love, you lose, you keep going.

there will always be another story waiting after you close your book.

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