Hello! Before you read, I’d like to provide a bit of background.

This piece is a snippet of a full-length project I have written. Based on the reaction I receive, I can move forward with it. You might see this one in a bookstore near you!

*wink wink*

If you like what you read, please let me know your thoughts and donate to my publishing fund!

Thank you and happy reading!



That was the sensation she got, the sharp wind prickling her skin and sending goosebumps up her arms. She pulled her jacket tighter around her.

The city was busy, the hustle and bustle a regular symphony. She took note of the distant thunder that rumbled through the heavy clouds and how the upcoming storm tinted the world grey. Still, she pushed her dark sunglasses up her nose. Her scarf covered head stayed down as she quickly made her way to the subway. She chose the first seat, sitting quickly before the train could send her flying to the floor.


That was the feeling of the window, cooling against her warm head. Her eyelids found their way to each other, the ride lulling her to sleep. It was quiet, uneventful. Just how she liked it.


That was the feeling she got when someone, quite literally, fell into her lap. “Oh!” the person exclaimed, sliding into the seat beside her. “I’m so sorry!”

Her eyes snapped open, the sudden encounter rendering her speechless. The boy looked at her, tilting his head as if he was focused on hearing something.

“It’s no problem, just scared me is all.” She answered finally. She kept her head down, muffling her voice.

He smiled; she could hear it in his voice. “You can face me, you know. I’m not ugly or anything.”

She laughed, his cocky attitude not going unnoticed. For half a second she looked up. The half a second started to seem like hours as her lips parted and she took in his features.

His skin was a deep bronze, glowing from within. The facial hair that adorned his face was dark and full. His eyelashes almost curled up against his brows. But his eyes made her head spin. They were full of expression and surprisingly focused on her. The most striking feature was that they were a hazy grey, reminiscent of the clouds she saw outside.

He’s blind.

She doesn’t even have time to register that fact before his hand is outstretched. His full lips part for a brilliant smile, dimples making deep indentations in his cheeks.

“I’m Demetrius. And you are?”

She scans the subway car, ensuring that it’s empty before pulling her sunglasses off. Behind them are green eyes that glisten with an amused vibrancy. She takes his hand in hers, shaking it slowly.


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