Maybe it’s your smile. Your deep brown skin. It could be the way you carry yourself. An amalgamation of things I’m sure, swirled into one beautiful woman. In my dreams you reside, warming my skin with your glow. The sense envelops me, softens my heart just so. The feeling is reminiscent to that of Icarus, toying with the idea of getting close enough to feel that warmth just a little bit more. To wake up is to relinquish that, eyes opening to a brisk chill once more. Dreams, though, are just that without action. I couldn’t keep up the routine without making a change, one I hope you can agree with me on. Given the chance, I know you and I could glow together. I think of our potential firsts: a new restaurant in town, a flight to somewhere sunny. Allow me to be your Icarus, basking in your heat until it singes my skin. I hope this compilation of words and sentiments properly convey the desire I have to experience you, even if just for a fleeting moment. February 14th may just be one day, one moment, but just like a dream, there’s a chance to make it a reality and then some.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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