I’ve had a dream about us, one that plays in my head over and over. In my subconscious, you exist among the galaxies. You hop from one star to the next, illuminating each one in your path. When you feel as though the sky is bright enough, you come down and ask how I like it. I tell you I love it, and we lay out to bask in your starlight. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that you are my dream come true. You’re my starlight, and I love to indulge in your glow as it spreads across my skin. I can confidently call you my safe space, a home in human form. We teach as much as we learn, merging to coexist in a mutual experience. The way we’ve grown in ourselves and each other has been remarkable to witness. Your love has shown me divinity. What prayers are like when they’re answered. To know you is to love you, and every day spent knowing more is a day spent loving. Your love both fills and surrounds me, curling around me like tendrils of smoke. The feeling is a high of its own, addicting in the best way. I could breathe you in forever. When I lay my head tonight, I’ll dream of you again. As you dance among the stars, I’ll kiss the earth that birthed you. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, my starlight.

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