he pauses, taking it all in. the room had a distinct smell, one he found himself growing to love. he held her in his arms. his fingers traced her curves, and then wandered across the ink that enhanced her skin as opposed to staining it. he could feel his heart begin to race as hisContinue reading “Spine.”


let me make you my muse. allow my brush to bring you to life upon the canvas, illustrating you as you bask in your own light. your edges will be sharp, your curves will be soft, and your beauty will cascade past the boundaries of my work. my words can please the mind’s eye, yieldingContinue reading “Muse.”


The two sat in the grass, despite the itch it brought upon. An orange hue from the summer sun tinted the space around them. The air was heavy; a sticky kind of heat. Sweat stained their brown skin, slicked their curls to their faces. Cicadas and crickets initiated their symphony and filled the silence thatContinue reading “Sticky.”


she sat in shocked silence, staring across the room. there was no focus behind her glare, just giving her eyes a place to look besides at him. “i’m sorry.” he spoke quietly. if it wasn’t silent, she’d miss it. there was so much pain behind it. his words dripped with apology, and she let them.Continue reading “Drip.”


Blue watched Red intently. He was across the room, in the dimly lit bar, singing. Red’s lips caressed the notes and pushed the harmony outward with careful elegance. Blue’s eyes fell upon Red’s lips. The fullness of them, how the light made them almost pink. Red’s pink, against his brown skin. The black upon Blue’sContinue reading “Purple.”