It’s frustrating. Heart pounding, blood boiling. The feeling of white-hot anger behind eyelids, searing the image into the mind. There are so many unanswered questions, loose ends left frayed and separated. What does one have that the other doesn’t? Why does one look at themselves differently, pondering the idea of flaws or insufficiency because they weren’t chosen? The situation stems past jealousy and envy. Sickly green vines wrap around one’s own self-worth, constricting until wrung dry. A hollow shell of what could be is left in its wake. Once filled with love and value towards oneself, now crawling with insecurity.

There comes a point, though, where everything pauses and the situation is considered. Never have one’s value determined by someone who does not matter. Giving a fragile item to someone with slick fingers will always end with something broken in the end. There will always be someone to provide the moon and all of the stars. Do not lose sight of that by chasing after someone who would not even supply the air around them.

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